28 Days To Go!!!

Sitting at the kitchen table, it is 5:24pm, 28 days to go. This time 4 weeks our first days cycling will be done and dusted. We will be 70 odd kilometres closer to Ireland. How is that going to feel? 

Am I ready? Should I be training harder? Am I doing enough running? Maybe its cycling I should be focusing on! Are the 64km ultramarathons too ambitious? Where are we even going to find a 64km trail when we don't know the area? Where  are we going to get food in the desert?? 

These are all questions been asked, and it is easy to start over thinking. It can become overwhelming. What are we after getting ourselves in for?? But then I take a step back, this is all I've thought about for the last 2 and a half years. This is a dream become a reality. Everyday for years, thinking about this adventure and soon I will be living it. 

With any challenge I take on I find the ones that have the most questions hanging over them, are the ones I learn about myself the most. I overcome the challenges and answer all the questions and it changes me, how I act and what I know is possible. 

The countdown is on!